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Post  iirawrx3 on Tue Dec 23, 2008 7:48 pm

Pirate Guide :3 Pirates

Where do I go to become a Pirate?

1:To become a Pirate, you need to have twenty (20) DEX and be level 10.
2:Head over to Henesys and walk to the right. Once you get to the map heads to Ellinia, in the bottom right there will be a portal that will lead you to Nautilus Port.
3:Go into the portal and make your way to the whale-looking submarine. Once inside, make your way to the right until you see a doorway with an up arrow on top of it. Go in and make your way to the far left portal. Enter that far left portal and you should see Kyrin. Talk to her and she'll advance you to Pirate if you meet the correct standards.

You can also talk to Phil in Lith Harbor Pirate Guide :3 Npc003
He is located at point B in this map.
Pirate Guide :3 Mini_lithharbor

Ability Point (AP) Distribution

For a basic, regular DEX Brawler, you should keep your DEX at your level or lower. However, remember that you must have 20 DEX by level 10 to become a Pirate.
Level 10 : DEX = 20
Level 25 : DEX = 25 (or less)

The rest of your points go into STR.

For Gunslingers, you shouldn't have much of a problem becoming a Pirate. The main stat is DEX and the secondary stat is STR. Your STR should be your level or lower, depending on the amount of STR gear you can get.
Level 10 : STR = 10
Level 25 : STR = 25

Q&A Very Happy

(If you have any Q's i'll answer it :3)



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Post  Matt on Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:02 pm

you can also talk to the guy in lith harbor in the booth. he can take you to nautilus. the one whos basically a taxi but is in that booth thing.

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