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Post  Donuts on Tue Dec 23, 2008 7:56 pm

The Rules are Stated Below, and WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU if you try out for GM.

Index of the GM Rules
5.Failure to follow rules
7.Postive Reports


BladeStory, We are a server reported to help the Maplestory server, with good rates, such as EXP,Mesos and Drop.
We Help the people of the Maplestory community to have mroe enjoyment info the maplestory MMO. With these stated
we are here to help players. Since we are here to help players, we need GM[Global Moderators], which in fact DO HELP
BMS[BladeStory] with abusement, third-party software, and helping players.

BladeStory, will always are in need of helping, by players like you. To help us, and be more then a player is to be a GM,
which BladeStory's Staff[Kyle[Zac] or Brandon] agree to hire you. When you are hired to have the following abilitys, mroe
then a normal player would ever have, such has better commands then hackers. These limited commands are obtained when
you are GM'd. GM'd are not full of fun and games, you can't be spending time with ur BMS friends, while a hacker or a player in
needs your help. BMS will need GM's but there are rules to be obtained.

In Order to be a GM you need to memorize and answer the following rules and do process of being approved:

Step:1 [Answer these questions and post of Apply section of Forums]
-When a player askes for help but your having fun with your friends?
[What do you do]

-A Player askes for an Event?
[What do you do]

-A Player is bugged big time?
[what do you do]

-Kyle or Brandon askes you to do something?
[What do you do]

-Kyle or Brandon demands you go and help a player?
[What do you do]

-Are you allowed to hold event's anytime you want anywhere you what?
[Yes or No]

-What permission you do need if you want to hold an event?

-A Player askes for 2B?
[What do you do]

-Someone comes up to you and asks you to summon a zakum?
[What do you do]

-Someone asks you to jail them for a few mins?
[What do you do]

-Someone finds a hacker and tells you their name and what hacks they are doing, but you are currently talking to your friends?
[What do you do]

-Someone is getting ksed and stalked by someone for no reason?
[What do you do]

- Any of This Question you have to answer, Kyle or Brandon will approve of you answers and you can continue to the next step of being a GM.
Step.2[Memorize the BMS's legacy.]

- We the players of the server, to form a more perfect server, in order to establish non-hackers,promote the server, ensure the rights and time fo others,
promise to follow the BMS rules in any time,day, or effect.

Step.3[Fill out the GM Apply]
[Located on Apply section]

..::Rules 1.B::..
You have the powers of being a GM, the powers are followed to you, you may use the powers on yourself, but not give others an advange, like powerlevel
without Kyle or Brandon's permission, all events are held at a certain map, no other, the statement of the sentence are enforeced on you. You have the powers
Responability of a GM You are Responable for the safetyness and actions of other players. Do NOT abuse or give others advangtage to your powers. If investigated and so, proven of the gm caught shall result in a un-gm. Any conduct of any sort from harassment to abuse is unsatifying, in proving if so will also results in a un-bann. Any dis-obeying the main owner such as Brandon or Donuts shall results in a un-gm if serious, or s suspenion of GM. The conduct of you and you action result and reflect on your job as a GM. Do not Dis-obey the rules and a un-gm shall be a second story for you. All Banns will have proof against the player hacking. If not the player will be unbann and you will apoligize to the player and you get a 1 week suspension in result because we can't trust you with your powers. You have the rights to help players with problems but WILL NOT give them an unfair advangate to others. If there our friends or family it still does not give you the rights to give other's advangates. All actions will be and result on you. No-one else So please avoid from using bad conduct and result in the conduct of bad terms. We don't like giving people bad terms but often we are forced to. Due to that GM's have a repectful but harmful job to your career in BladeStory.

If You don't follow the rules, you will be resulted in un-gm'd whoever you are, we don't give bais opinion, on anyone. Or a Temp un-gm for a certain amount of time.

..::Failure to follow rules::..
[Coming Soon]

..::Postitive Reports::..
[Coming Soon]

[Coming Soon]

This is copyrighted from BladeStory written fully by Kyle.

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