Guide to Remove Damage Cap.

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Guide to Remove Damage Cap.

Post  FroZak on Thu Dec 25, 2008 12:05 am

Hey its Donuts and Tyson +DDDD,and im about to show you how to remove that annoying 99999 dmg cap so you could own those bosses.
Use the pictures if the explaination isn't clear.

Step 1:Download the following.

Step 2: Install and open CheatEngine(CT User)

Step 3: Open MapleStory and log in.

Step 4: Minimize MapleStory and return to CheatEngine.
(No Picture)

Step 5: Click the computer ICON at the top left, and a process screen will come up. Find MapleStory.exe click,and press OK

Step 6: Now click the ICON in the middle(right of the computer), and locate the folder in which you saved the BladeStory CT.

Step 7: After you locate the CT open it and it should look a little something like this.

Step 8: Now this is when you change the Damage Cap,look closely at your CheatEngine after opening the CT. It shows "Damage Cap","Magic AttCap" And "Meso Drop Cap".
Check Damage Cap off and double click where it says 99999 and add ONE 9 to it. If you want to add more you have to check it out with Brandon or Kyle.

Step 9: Now go back on and use that skill that shows your Godly damage and enjoy the training.


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