Hey Everyone, Brandon here :)

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Hey Everyone, Brandon here :) Empty Hey Everyone, Brandon here :)

Post  Brandon :) on Wed Dec 03, 2008 8:12 pm

Hey Everyone, Brandon here Smile I Would like to tell you guys a little bit about myself.. Well, I have two sister and two brothers, and im the oldest at 14 Years old. I live in a one story house, and my room is small Razz The reason that its small is because i have my Computer, Bed, Some huge thing that holds my TV, My sterio, meh XBOX 360, Yes i have xbox live, if you also have xbox live, you can add me : Siiientkiii <spells SilentKill Smile

My Xbox 360 game:
Halo 3
Call Of Duty 4
Call Of Duty 5
Gears of war
Gears of war 2
Assasins Creed
Brandon :)
Brandon :)

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