So uhh.. S>Scrolled stuff o.o

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So uhh.. S>Scrolled stuff o.o Empty So uhh.. S>Scrolled stuff o.o

Post  Matt on Fri Dec 05, 2008 10:51 pm

boooooarrrd when will Brandon get home/have his house broken into?
Kaay anyone want to buy sommmmme scrolled stuff (rlllllly sucky)
liek meh 21 int 108 mage overall (sucks)
oar meh 13 int 1ma 110 mage gloves (sucks)
oar meh 6 int 6 ma BWG (PWNT THAT SCROLLING jaykay)
oar meh 9 luk 57 atk purple sleeve (ITS +1 OMG SCROLL HEKS)

i should go scrolling to get GOOD things. liek right na- aww brandons not here.

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