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Kyle's BlackMarket Auction Sales Empty Kyle's BlackMarket Auction Sales

Post  Donuts on Wed Dec 17, 2008 7:17 pm

Kyle Here, am im ready to tell you that im opening a Black Market Auction Sale.
This is how it works, every Sunday, i will auction off Custom Made Scrolled Items, by me.
Like the following:
a BWG, +30 or so Attack
Crystal Earrings, +INT or Etc.
and so on so on.

..::The Rules are stated below.::..

-Do Not Offer Money You Don't Have[Like Say I Offer 10B] but don't have it, this will result in a Jail for Wasting a GM's time and harrassment.
-Golden maple leafs and normal mesos are allowed in the offerings
-All Auction Offer will be held at FM1 CH1[Auction Location], no where else. If You offer over mega it does not count.
-Do Not Spam, Your Offers.
-Auction is taken seriously, and if you kid off, you will be jailed, because some people really want the items
-This Auction was invented by me,Kyle, to help fellow players earn good items
-[Note]If Anyother GM's want to do the Auction contact me or Brandon[He has rights to do it w/o my permission]
-This is copyrighted.
-Have Fun Offering

..::Items This Week::..
1. a BWG +30 ATK (2)
2. a BWG +75 ATK (1)
3. a Crystal Earring +INT.+DEX,+STR,+LUK all +35
4. More to come.

Have A Happy Time Bladestorying

Sincerly Kyle.

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