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What I'm up to. Empty What I'm up to.

Post  Organic on Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:24 pm

Ah kay.
So if you haven't noticed yet, I'm the a new admin here.
I go to school with Brandon and Priyank.
I helped Brandon start up BladeStory etc etc.

Few things:
I'll be remodeling the forums a bit, I'm a tad bit OCD.

A few few applications like games and a chatbox might be put in, as soon as I get Brandon's permission.

I will not be active all of next week, and probably not much activity with Brandon, we both have Finals.
I'm in all honors/AP courses, so Brandon might have a bit of time, I will have none. D:

Anyways, Christmas break is coming up for us, and just in case something happens to Brandon's computer or something, I can host for those two weeks. My computer should be rather stable. ( 3ghz duo proc 4gb ram, XP, 6-7gb Page file).

I'll be advertising alot more now, and you all should as well.

Version 62 is just around the block.
I've unpacked Themida myself already, but I don't know how to remove the IP check in the client. A public v62 localhost will probably be available around Christmas, so expect an upgrade around there.

And that's about it....


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