v.62 Server, how to regain your items

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v.62 Server, how to regain your items Empty v.62 Server, how to regain your items

Post  Donuts on Wed Dec 17, 2008 9:05 pm

Kyle here,
Ok v.62 for us is around the corner before X-mas!, and everyone wants to keep there Rare or Custom items. Well i made up rules on how to get them for v.62. This may not apply, for we might not have to wipe~


-Every person has the right to take a SS of there most valueable items and post here on this thread. ONLY
-5 Items per person only, due to that alot of people have rare items and we can't regive them back to all of the players.
-5 Items Person Only [Repeated]
-Only Equipable items, no Mesos, or ETC.
-Thats all.

yes, we are going v.62 soon, and this is for players to keep there most [5] valueable items. To help them.

Sincerly Kyle.,

[Note] Post all SS and items here no where else!

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